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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 1, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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now on abc7 news 59, check out live doppler 7hd. all of that rain in green, slowly sneaking south, and intensifying. when it will hill the bay area. >> details on a horrific crash that killed two high school students in the east bay. what investigators are saying about the accident. >> a rare look at a sea rescue in action and the moment when that whale was freed. a sunny day in the bay comes to an end. a storm system is rolling in. exactly when to expect the rain and if it wail affect the morning commute. >> we begin with the weather and some much-needed rain on the way. after brief spotty showers this morning it was a mixed day of
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clouds and sun. this is time lapse video showing clouds rolling the. >> and another one showing cloudy conditions in san francisco. this more than we saw showers in national pa, santa rosa and parts of the south bay. right now we're sear cloudier conditions. drew tuma is tracking the wayne. >> it has been six months since fran sense get a quarter inch of rain and. we are seeing in the stream northern portions light showers reaching the ground. the water view on live doppler 7hd, two key players in the forecast. first, a cold front positioned right to the north of the viewing area, and thennen an area of low pressure near seattle. these two will come bin forces and enhance the rainfall, and
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the coverage. when can you expect the first drops? north bay the first area to see raindropses between 9:00 and 1:00 in the morning. the heart of the bay area between midnight and 3:00 in the morning. that includes oakland, san francisco, livermore, fremont, and the south bay, the last spot to see the drops, san jose, accept cruz, 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. >> we are looking at rain here, but look at this. pretty dark there, isn't it? this is tahoe. a live picture. our storm will bring the first snow of the season to tahoe. three inches expected and more than a foot at the highest peak, and the snow it expected this morning. a viewer shared this view of the rain. the showers were brief.
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if you see rain, take a photo or video and share it with us. we may use it on air or automobile. >> new deteens a horrific car crash that killed two east bay teenagers and left another one badly injured. cornell, can only imagine friends and classmates are in shock. >> reporter: in fact this whole community is in shock tonight. grief counselors will be an hand tomorrow here at college park high school when students return to class, trying to cope with the loss of two classmates, and a third who was badly injured. so far their names have not been released. this spot franklin canyon road is quiet. a small plant and a reduce crucifix marking the spot of the anti. at 3:00 a.m. the teenaged driver struck a tree, killing her two female passengers instantly. the driver, badly injured in the
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hospital. >> before she left the location she had advisessed our officer us she might have fallen asleep behind the wheel and the last she remembers she was going 60 miles-per-hour down the road. >> reporter: the chp says the speed limit is 45 but drought alcohol don't appear to be a factor. >> it's terrible. i've known them a long time. it's sad. >> classmates and friend says all three girls attends college park high school in pleasant hill. >> really good people. always smiling, and they were really nice to everybody. everyone is going to be thickening about it for a couple months. always going to remember this day. no one -- it's sad for everyone. >> cory says there were halloween parties on saturday night but he doesn't know where the three friends were going at such a late hour, and police can't say, either. >> a lot of bad stuff happens at
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3:00 in the morning. don't in the circumstances of this instance. >> the chp says everyone in the car was wearing a seatbelt. abc7 news. >> we were in san francisco as a shivering woman held on to firefighters moments after being rescuedded from the bay. she either fell or jumped into the waterer in the ferry building. she vanished from site for a moment. paramedics took her to the hospital. >> a wave of police moved in when violence broke out following halloween friend parties near uc berkeley. near through 3 to 5,000 people were gathered in berkeley's south-by neighborhood, known as fraternityow. the disturbance began at 1:30 this morning with reports of people throwing rocks and bottles at officers, and a viewer posted this picture on twitter. there was some property damage.
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police responsibilitied to on assault. officers me a three arrests. danville police believe someone asset fire at a home on west linda mesa avenue. we were there while investigators searched for clues last night. witnesses told police they saw someone throw an object into that house and the person sped away. the fire caused more than $200,000 in damage. nobody was inside the home when the fire startled. >> new details in the russian plane crash that killed more than 200 people in egypt. russia's top aviation official says the plane broke up at a high altitude. investigators are already sift through the debris. here's the latest from egypt. >> reporter: the debris field stretches over five miles. from huge chunks of the plane, piece's of metal, stray clothing. >> why an away would come apart in perfectly good weather is a
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very sobering question. >> all 224 people onboard killed, including 17 children. russian investigators arrived in egypt, saying today it's too soon to say what triggered the crash, but that the plane clearly broke up at a high altitude. the plane reside black boxes, which include the flight data recorder, have been recovered and will provide crucial answers. >> the probability is here with an in-flight breakup something on the ordinary of a bomb or incendiary explosion of some sort on the airplane causeled that. >> egypt said there were no distress calls or sign of a mechanical problem before the metro jet flight began to quickly descend from 31,000 feet and then disappeared from radar. the copilot reside openings wife said her husband complained about technical issues with the 18 year airbus 321, including that fateful morning. >> a russian commercial aviation
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just about the worst safety record in the world. >> been linked to isis quickly claimed responsibility, but intelligence officials say they don't have the weapons to shoot down a plane that high. in st. petersburg, grief stricken family members gathered at the airport. the rest of the country going to church, lighting candles in memory of the victims. >> investigators in new york are looking into whether a medical condition like a seizure may have caused a man to smash his car into a group of trick ore treaters. three people, clawing 10 including a 10 year girl and her grandfather were killed. the 52-year-old driver was taken to the hospital. >> people of all ages honoring veterans today in the east bay. coming up at 5:00, why the
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>> the world of politics and hollywood are mourning the death of fred tomson. thompson died from a recurrence of lymphoma. he represented tennessee before retiring from the senate in 2003. a lawyer by trade he played the da on law and order. he dropped out of the republican presidential race early in the 2008 campaign. he was 73 years old.
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>> thousands saluted local vas in the east bay this afternoon. in pleasant tan the veterans day parade moved along main street. organizers hold the parade a week before the actual day so local vets can take part in other veterans then. >> tonight, catch an abc news exclusive. >> a lot of different emotions. confusion. disbelief. >> this tsa agent walks us through the fateful day exactly two years ago when he was shot and his friend was killed. that's tonight at 11:00. >> a humpback whale trapped off the california coast is swimming again. >> look at this. determined rescue crews would not give up, and this entangled
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whale took them on quite a journey. a look at the moment of freedom ahead. >> and heading live outside, pretty overcast with the rain moving in. just ahead, drew tuma has an update on when
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we have new footage of a whale rescue near san diego. this from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration the whale was first spotted stuck in two lobster pistons off the orange county coast on friday. rescuers were able to cut away some of the net. the whale then went sent where seaworld rescue team believe were able to cut off enough of the gear from the whale for it
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to swim away and survive. here's the moment the mammal was freed. you can see here -- yep, one rescuer putting his arms up in a victory stance. we hope the whale is able to get oust there. >> hope the best for him. the winter "spare the air" season begins today and new rules apply on nights when burning wood is banned. the rules affect people who burn wood as their source of heat. they must register their device with the air quality management district. the permit will apply for 30 days. air quality experts blame wood-burning for 40% of the bane area's fine part cal inclusion. that pollution causes health problems. we'll have a live report at 6:00. >> something very strange is about to hit the bay area, called rain. >> we haven't seen enough of it. >> feels like it's been quite some time since we have seen
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soaking showers. the live doppler 7hd showing we are tracking moisture and it's raining in ukiah and this is all ahead of a cold front that will slowly sink to the south overnight tonight. outside we go, live look from memory veil camera. seeing the clear skies giving away to cloud cover, and the forecast calls for the rain spreading from the north to the south overnight. the heaviest of the rain will occur while many of us are sleeping between 2:00 and 5:00, we'll have scattered showers for the morning rush. right now, 64 in oakland. 6 mountain view. 68 san jose. san francisco, 62. so here's the setup. live doppler 7hd along with satellite, we have stalled cold front between eureka and ukiah, bringing showers to northern california. the other player in the game this area of low pressure moving inland near seattle and portland. these will fate together overnight and that will help to
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enhance the plain along the cold front. so future weather has you covered. midnight tonight shoes move through the north bay, into vallejo. begin to move into the heart of the bay area by 3:00. see how the phasing happens? the rain intensifies and expands in coverage. by 3:00 much of the region seeing the wet weather. by 4:00, showers developing in the south bay. stop at 5:00 in the morning. you notice much of the north bay is dry but from san francisco south to the east, we're still dealing with damp roadways and soaking showers. by mid-day the system is out of here and we turn to partly sunny skies but looks like a decent soaking of rain is on the way. we're used know north bay getting all the rainfall but this time the heaviest rain may fall in south bay. generally a quarter to half inch of rain. we have a winter weather advisory around south lake tahoe
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and winter storm warning for the higher locations. four to seven inches likely over the sierra passes. may shut down the highways. one to three inches likely at lake level the forecast through monday evening, perhaps ten inches around south lake tahoe, nine inches around tahoe city. overnight, the rain spreads from north to south. a rainy overnight period. temperatures falling into the 50s cross the region. tomorrow we'll track the morning showers and dry out by the afternoon, but a cool november day. temperatures in the 60s. so accuweather forecast shows you it's sunny and die for the next sim -- six days but tomorrow morning the rush hour to be slower hand normal. >> all right. shu, 49ers. >> shu. >> almost have to laugh or you
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cry. that's the mood of the 49ers fans. there's no longer in contention, star custom. -- sarcasm. the raiders beat the jets at home. no doubt that the better team was today.
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today was the next step in the raiders' development under jack del rio. bet a team with a winning record at home. done, done, and done. raider nation in full force. jump out to a big lead. carr to crabtree.
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squeezes through two defenders. 36-yard, 14-3. carr 22-36. 14 passes. this to holme, second td catch. raiders up 21-6 at the half. woodson, 18th nfl year, league leading fifth interception. still happy to play the game. third quarter, carr to jones. shakes and bakes around the entire jets defense. poor tackling leads to another raider touchdown. raiders win 35-20, improve to 4-3, they're playoff contenders right now, sitting in fifth in the afc post season contender. >> the 49ers are officially irrelevant for the remainder of the 2015 season after today's loss to the rams. they haven't scored a touchdown in two games, lost 6-7 and are 0-3 in their division.
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the game was over with this play. slipping on the concrete. possible torn acl. he was carted off. three of the niners 13 penalties on the play, including bolden. unsportsmanlike conduct and he isn't even reply. kaepernick, two praise later, mike davis tackled. he leaves with an industry. rams rookie rounding back, gurley, 71 yards on this touchdown. 10-3 rams and the 49ers just killed themselves. 189-yard total offense. 13 penalties. brooks had a face mask on what would have ban fumble recovery. undisciplined reply equals a coach who lost his team. the niners are 2-6, 0-4 on the road with the 47, 6 blowout.
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>> when i sign up, i signed up to play through wins, losses or whatever. this is the type of team we have. there's no genie going to make us -- we got put the work in and come together as a team, and we got keep moving forward. >> what do you hear these states, elyly manning, 30-41, drew brees, 40-50, a 511 yards. ties an nfl record with seven td passes. his final with 36 seconds left. tied. the field goal to win it. saints win 52-49 your final. >> sharks have lost five of the last six today. they get a short-handed goal today. third period, 1:45 left. tied at two. patrick marleau, to -- sharks win it.
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4-3. more from the nfl at 6:00 p.m. on abc7 news and i think your usc trojans could beat the 49ers. >> i think you're right. i'm not super excited about that. that actually kind of sad. sorry. >> can only get better from here. >> we have a consolation prize. a double dose of cuteness.
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san francisco named one of the bubbliest housing markets in the world. how likely to pop compared to other world class cities? >> what made hollywood an even bigger star in the tv and movie universe. join us at 6:00. have a pang of parental guilt for reuse the same halloween costume on your kid, one mom is going to put you at ease. >> the one on the left is riley curry, the daughter of steph curry. on the right is baby ryan in the same costume, three years after her sister wore it. just adorable. mom says she is gladded she kept the costume and we're glad, too. >> it's called reduce, recycle and review. >> rain on the way, see what is show seeing up on live doppler 7hd anytime. look at abc7 news weather app for your smartphone, it's free.
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welcome to "world news tonight." air disaster. more than 200 dead. the passenger jet breaking apart in the sky. the crash wreckage scattered for miles. could it have been a bomb? tonight, we take you inside the investigation. >> deadly weather. tornadoes and record rain batter texas and the gulf. homes destroyed. the narrow escapes, and the heartbreaking losses. republican revolt. the presidential candidates, demanding change, unhappy about the debates. meeting without the rnc. will they boycott next week's debate? killer prescriptions. the first ever murder conviction for a doctor that prescribed powerful drugs that caused three patients to die. will it change the pay doctors prescribe medications for those in need? and, worst call ever? the outr


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